THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU IBERIA successfully completed the first pilot borehole for the Almina project on 21 February 2024 at a final depth of 401 m.

The pilot hole was drilled on target using the Micon directional drilling system (RVDS).

Unstable fault zones were encountered at several depths, which were stabilised using borehole cementation. The quality and commitment of the team is to be highlighted, especially considering the difficult geology, the successful application of the directional drilling system and the fact that work safety was given top priority at all times (LTIF = 0).

Parallel to the raise boring operation, mobilisation is being conducted on the next shaft location for advance rock reinforcement. These will be executed as part of an extension contract and include vertical grouting boreholes and micropiles down to a depth of approx. 50 metres

Project Manager Thorsten Kratz

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