Conversion and mobilisation of a Turmag compressed air gun carriage drilling machine.

This Turmag air gun carriage drill was added to the inventory in December 2018 and has since been used with great success in the mining sector. Following recent improvements in February this year, it is still in use.

Due to its small design, good drilling results are achieved with this machine even in very confined spaces. Due to its explosion-proof design, the machine can and is used in all geological formations where explosive gases could escape. In particular, the machine is excellently suited for the creation of relief boreholes with short borehole lengths and large calibres under the most difficult conditions.

The drilling table specially prepared by THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU allows drilling in all swivel directions. The drill rods are changed via the pneumatic-hydraulic controlled clamp/passage newly installed at the front. Here, there was repeatedly a risk of injury for our drilling personnel due to slipping tools. These problems have now been eliminated with the new clamping device.

Furthermore, a special clamping key was manufactured by Welldone for "breaking" the drill pipes directly at the drilling gear. These minor changes do not interfere with the CE conformity of the machine, but nevertheless improve safe working in the long term.