Unique feature was the strategic goal for the acquisition.

THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU GMBH acquired OLKO-Maschinentechnik GmbH 10 years ago. The strategic approach to this takeover was to be able to offer all activities relating to shaft construction from a single source; a unique selling proposition that would give us an extraordinary advantage in the highly competitive market.
At the time, this purchase was a forward-looking and important step in the right direction.
Since then, 10 years have passed in the Group. Looking back, time has flown by and today we can say that OLKO has established itself as one of the most qualified partners in its sector for the customer.
We have asserted ourselves on international markets and carried our name around the world. We would like to mention Russia, Belarus, England, China and Serbia as examples. We have secured our core business in Germany and in the European environment and have essentially maintained our core staff of approx. 80 employees on a permanent basis. Basically, however, we must also say that we have of course continued to adapt to globalisation and the changed markets and will continue to align our business to this in the coming years. To this end, we have taken appropriate measures and developed processes in order to be able to consistently offer our services at this high level in the future.
We are very proud to have built our new company building, a modern production site tailored to our needs.
A good corporate culture lays the foundation for companies to achieve their set goals and that is exactly what we have succeeded in doing: Only together and with each other, both within the company and with our clients, were we able to achieve the planned goals and build up a good working relationship. and to build up an acceptable way of dealing with each other. From this and from the entire environment, we continue to draw our motivation and strength for our business.
The staff and management will continue to stand together as a team and take on the demanding tasks that are set for us. 

Olko Neubau