On 13 August 2019 we received the official order for the rehabilitation of shaft 1 in Mol, Belgium.

The shaft serves as access to an underground experimental laboratory for the final disposal of nuclear waste.

Even though the shaft is comparatively "small" with a depth of 230 m and a diameter of 2.65 m, this project is a future-oriented reference for THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU GMBH for waste disposal mining outside Germany.

We are starting now!

In addition to the cramped working conditions in the shaft, which we have to solve technically and organisationally, the following focal points are important for the success of the project:

1. Work safety with high reporting requirements.
2. Continuous quality and project documentation.
3. Adherence to the tight schedule.
4. Implementation of construction site controlling.

The project is implemented with a completely new and young team. Therefore, teamwork is the key to success!

We are looking forward to the project.

Andreas Romahn

Mol 1

Mol 2

Mol 3
Mol 4